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Cherry work is available from mid November through to the end of December.


The day starts at 7:00am and the team picks usually all day, with breaks in the morning, lunch and afternoon. In very hot weather the starting time could be as early as 5:00am.


Our supervisor organizes where and what to pick, makes sure high quality is maintained, trees and fruit are handled with care and is weighing your buckets. Be prepared to do some ladder work, not all the trees can be picked from the ground.


Cherry packing is done as required, depending on volume or market requirements. It requires good eyes and concentration, however it is possible to change to the picking team and vice versa.


Cherry picking is paid on a contract system, cherry packing is paid per hour.


We aim to pay you fair and are taking poor fruit set, rain damage or small fruit size, varietal differences into consideration when developing the picking-rate.